Hot to configure email on iPhone:

There are a wide variety of email account types you can add on an iPhone, such as Microsoft 365, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, and personal accounts.

These steps are the same whether you add the first email account or add additional email accounts.

1. We have to open the iPhone settings and access the mail section:

2. Access accounts:

3. Now you see the accounts that you have added and you have to click add account:

4. We get the most commercial email companies, but we have to click on another one, since our account is not from any of these companies:

5. You have to acces add email account:

6. Add the basic account information, name, email, password and account description:

7. This part is where you have to put all the account settings. The data from the incoming and outgoing server, we also have to mark if it will be IMAP or POP, we recommend that for mobile devices with not much capacity you use IMAP, since this way it does not save the emails on the device, but rather consults them from the server.

8. As you can see, if you get a blue check next to each field, it means that everything turned out correctly.

9. Once here you have to mark that you want to synchronize with the device, by default we leave only the email, and we will have it configured.

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