desarrollo de software

Software Development

We develop fully customizable software solutions for all kinds of businesses and sectors. We develop and integrate our IT solutions tailored for each client. 

¿Any doubts about which software is the best for your business? We advise you and prepare a demonstration of our solutions. Find the best software for the digitalization of your business. 

desarrollo de software


Management Software Dansap ERP

software girona

The ERP for all your needs

At Danzai Software, we have developed a management software fully adapable to all kinds of businesses and sectors. 

With Dansap ERP we guarantee to optimize all your business resources. 

Our management software, simplifies the data communication between departments and allows working from an ERP. 

We incorporate all the necessary modules and functionalities to work perfectly. 


POS Software Techni-Web

software girona

The best solution for your point of sale

¿Are you searching for a POS software to manage your business? Techni-Web is your solution. Developed for our team, we help companies at their digital transformation

With our POS software Techni-Web, we are going to find the perfect solution for your business.

-Customizable, configure it according to your needs.

-Intuitive and easy to use.

-Versatile for all types of sectors. 


Development of customized Apps

desarrollo de apps

Customized Apps for your business

At Danzai Software, we have developed different Apps to facilitate daily tasks. Our specialized team is going to develop hybrid and native apps.

Explain your project and we will advise you without compromise. Having a mobile app will help you mantain a good relationship with your customers. And also, you could agilize:

-Purchasing processes.

-Online chat customer/company.

-Keep in touch with your public in one second.

-Send notifications.

-Offer sale promotions. 

¡Join the digital transformation of your business!

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