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Digital Marketing

Improve your visibility and online positioning, be one of the first to appear in Google searches. With our  specialized team in digital marketing and design, we will advise you, analize your case and create a personalized marketing strategy for your company and type of business. 

We help you to boost your business online, with good SEO positioning, a website that has everything your customers are looking for and the best corporate identity for your entire online image. We also take care of running your social networks with a good marketing strategy. 



SEO Positioning

Position yourself on the first page of Google

If you don’t appear to the first page, your business doesn’t exist. Your potential customers on the Internet rarely make it past the third page of Google. For that, you have to improve the content and keywords. We take care of all of that. With a SEO strategy you will achieve to:

-Optimize all your content.

-Attract more visitors to your website. 

-Increase your position in Google. 

-Gain digital reputation. 

SEO is a digital strategy that, with the content, is going to give you better brand reputation.  



Social Media Management

Make your company visible

Social Networks are a good platform for promoting businesses and attract new customers. 

At Danzai Software we will position your company through a solid and effective stategy. 

The benefits will be:

-Best brand image.

-Good online reputation.

-Easy communication with your customers.

-Data analysis to improve and promote your audience. 


Create your marketing strategy

If you don’t have Internet presence, is like your business did not exist. Create now an online store and start increasing your business sales. We take care of everything. 

IMprove your brand image

Graphic Design

Good corporate image

All graphic and visual elements of your brand are essential, are your corporate image that will help fidelize customers and attract new ones. 

Most consumers or customers first choose the most attractive business before buying a product, so the first impressions are really important. 

Our team is in charge of advising you in creating a good corporate identity for your social networks. Also, they will show you some ways to create a good brand image. 

-Graphic edition for your social media posts.

-Retouching and photo edition.

-Visual and strategic advice.

-Create an entire corporate identity for your online image. 


E-mail Marketing

Keep your customers informed

Newsletters are the most effective digital marketing method. It gives the chance to segment the customers, offereing to each one of them a personalized message due to their interests. 

-Send personalized communications.

-Create automations.

-Inform all your customers of your promotions. 

-Increase your corporate reputation.

With e-mail marketing, everything are advantages. 


¡Join the digital transformation of your business!

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